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Into the Mystic Acordes

Van Morrison


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Into the Mystic

Capo en el 3er traste

Intro: Dsus4  D   Dsus2   D  

D                         Dsus4 D                       Dsus4    
We were born before the wind,  also  younger than the sun  
A                         Asus4 A                   D    Dsus4  D  Dsus2  D  
'Ere the bonny boat was won,  as we sailed into the mystic  
Hark now hear the sailors cry-y-y,  smell the sea and touch the sky  
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic  

F#m				G        			  D Dsus4 D  
And when that foghorn whistle blows, (you know) I will be comin' home  
F#m				G		A  Asus4  A  
And when that foghorn whistle blows, I've gotta hear it  
I don't have to fear it and   
I wanna rock your gypsy soul,  just like way back in the days of old  
A					    D  
And magnificently we will fold, into the mystic  
(Yeah, together)  


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