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Brand New Day

Capo en el 1er traste
G       D/F#                 Em       C        D               G      D
   When all the dark clouds roll away  and the sun begins to shine
G    D/F#                  Em           C       D                 G      D
   I see my freedom from across the way  and it comes right in on time
       G               F#m      Em                 C       D                   G     D
And it shines so bright and it gives so much light  and it comes from the sky above
	G       F#m           Em          C       D                 G     D
Make me feel so free make me feel like me  and it lights my life of love
G And it seems like D Well it feels like G Well it seems like C Yes it feels like G C A brand new day G D A brand new day G D
I was lost double crossed with my hands behind my back I was long time hurt and thrown in the dirt shoved out on the railroad track I been used abused and so confused and I didn't have nowhere to run But I stood and looked and my eyes got hooked on that beautiful morning sun REFRÂO SOLO play second half of verse chords And the sun shines down on all the ground and the grass is oh so green Yeah my heart is filled yeah I got the will yet I don't really feel so mean Here it come sure it comes here it comes right now here it comes right in on time Well it eases me and appeases me let it satisfy my mind REFRÂO repeat and fade

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