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	  Intro: D D D D 

Snapshots of a childhood, pictures of a boy 

D                           Em    A 
How could they be photos of me? 

Em             A    Em             A 
Seems so unfamiliar, seems so long ago 

Em               A        D 
Looks like a foreign country 

Em             A          D 
How did I get from there to here? 

B7                      Em       A 
Who is this boy that I see? 

                                     G             D 
I think you've given me the wrong film back again 

                           G              D 
How many times does this have to happen? 

A                     Bm 
Now some indian looking kid 

Has photos of me at dreamworld 

I don't care, if other customers are waiting 

D                       Em     A 
No I will not lower my voice 

Em             A  Em                     A 
Don't look at them, they're not gonna help you 

Em                       A         D 
What are you prepared to do for me 

Oh...I just remembered  

B7                      Em           A 
What's on the rest of that film 

G                                D 
You've got a lot of explaining to do 

          G                         D 
When the woman in the sari comes back 

      A                               G 
I'm pretty sure her religious beliefs 

Are not in line with the contents of my photos 

When I think about the boy in those photos, 

  B7                         G    A 
I wonder what he thinks of me 

  G                                  D 
I hope that Indian woman doesn't judge me 

           G                        D 
I have a lot of respect for her culture 

       A                     B7   G 
I've read all my Salman Rushdie 

  A                                                            D 
I really can't express how mortified I am about this situation. 

A                             D 
Screw this...I'm going digital 

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