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Even Now Acordes

Trent Austin

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Even Now

(Trent Austin / Danny Chambers / Jillian Chambers)

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C   F2/C   G4/C    C    F2/G 
       F2    C2/E      G 
Sweet aroma, filling my senses. 
   F2     C                   G 
Jehovah, covered by Your grace. 
        F2    C2/E                G 
You alone are all    my soul de-sires. 
  Bb2             F/A            Gsus4/7 
I live to see the beauty of Your face. 
G C F/C Even Now I sense Your presence. C/G Dmaj7 G Even Now I know You're near. E7/G# Am Caug/G# C/G Am/F# It's so easy to believe what my eyes cannot see. Dm7 F/G C And I know You are here Even Now.
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