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Inside Out

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	  G A  A A G A  A A G A 

Look out your window{D A  the grass ain't green{D A 
it's kind of yellow{D C see what i Gmeen A 
Look up your chimney{D A the sky ain't blue{D A 
it's kind of yellow{D C you know it's {G}true  
{D}it's so {G}hard to {D}figure whats it {G}all {A}about....{G} 

                        'inside out'           'upside down' 
when your {G}outsides {A}in    D  downside {A}up     D 

          'right side up' 
upsides {A}right     D   {C}don't they meke you manna twist and shout 
when your {D}inside {A}out 

(Knock down) your dream (pal)  what couler do you see 
it's got to be yellow        don't try to fool me 
(all they make you) wanna twist and shout 

A be {C}careful where you walking you might step thing up {D}worse 
be {C}careful when you talking and {Dsaying {C}all that {G}stuff 
take {C}care when you are breathing somethings funny in the {D}air 
{C}something earn not saying about whats {D}happeni{C}ng out {G}there 
it's inside {A}out 

look into the future   with your (mistakes _____ of all) 
(sea ain't been ain't yellow)   (see if it's there at all) 
({D}ain't no {G}shadow _{D}___{G}_)  
{D}all they {G}make you {D}wanna {G}twist and {A}shout G

A D  A}inside {D}out  {A}right side {D}up 
{C}don't they make you wanna twist and {G}shout when your 
{D}inside {A}out   {D}inside {A}out  {D}inside {A}out  D D 

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