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A Little Love Acordes

Tracy Byrd


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A Little Love

	  Intro: (C) (G) (F) (G)  
(C) She under(G)dressed for the occ(F)asion (G) 
(C) She wants to (G) go back home and (F) change (G) 
(C) A maid of (G) honor wearing (F) waitress shoes, (G)  
Just looks (C) strange (G) (F) (G) 
(C) Her little (G) brother's getting (F) married (G) 
(C) A spur of the (G) moment kind of (F) thing (G) 
(C) And she's (G) giving up her (F) lunch break, (G)  
Holding the (C) ring 
(Am) She's never been (Em) the jealous kind,  
(F) But she can't seem to stop,  
That (G) little voice inside saying,  
  (C) I don't have to (C/B) have it (Am) all 
  I'm not asking (Am/G) for the (F) world 
  I don't (F/E) need a star to (Dm7) fall 
  I just (G) need a little (C) light 
  Someone shining in (C/B) my (Am) life 
  'Cause in the dark when (Am/G) you're af(F)raid 
  A little love can (F/E) go a (Dm7) long, (Gsus2) long (C) way (G) (F) (G) 
(C) There was a (G) man she met one (F) summer (G) 
(C) His memory (G) keeps her up at (F) night (G) 
(C) At the (G) time it felt all (F) wrong 
(G) But what if it was (C) right?  
(Am) Now here she is, (Em) throwing the rice 
(F) Standing on the sidewalk,  
(G) Trying not to cry thinking  
Repeat Chorus 
  (C) When it's lonely (C/B) in your (Am) life 
  And you've almost (Am/G) lost your (F) faith 
  A little love can (F/E) go a (Dm7) long, (Gsus2) long (C) way (G) (F) (G)   


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