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Tony Bennett



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If I Ruled The World

	  If I Ruled the World- Tony Bennett, 1963 

Dm7 CM7               
If  I    ruled the world,  
      Gm7        C7     Bm7          E7 
Every day  would be the first day of spring, 
Bm7    E7                 Am          Am7 
Every  heart would have a new song to sing, 
         Am7         Em7                     Dm7    G7 
And we'd sing of the joy every morning would bring. 

Dm7 CM7             
If  I    ruled the world,  
      Gm7       C7    Bm7       E7 
Every man would be as free as a bird, 
Bm7    E7               Am          Am7      Am    
Every  voice would be a voice to be heard 
        Am7            Em7           Dm7      E7 
Take my word, we would treasure each day that occurred. 

   AM7    F#m            Bm7       E7 
My world,     would be a beautiful place, 
               AM7        Dm7       G7 
Where we would weave such wonderful dreams; 
   CM7    Am7              Dm7          G7 
My world,     would wear a smile on its face, 
         Am         Am7           F#m7  Dm7     G7 
Like the man in the moon when the moon  beams.  

Dm7 CM7   
If  I   ruled the world,  
      Gm7       C7      Bm7            E7 
Every man would say the world was his friend, 
Bm7        E7             Am           Am7   Am 
There'd be happiness that no man could end; 

       Am7              Em7            A7 
No, my friend, not if I,    ruled  the world. 
      Dm            Dm7     G7 
Every head would be held up high, 
           CM7                    A7 
There'd be sunshine in everyone's sky, 
       Dm7      FM7           Dm7  G7        CM7 
If the day ever dawned when I,     ruled the world. 

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