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Fly me to the moon Acordes

Tony Bennett


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Fly me to the moon

	  Am7           Dm7 
Fly me to the moon 
            G7             Cm7  -   C7 
And let me sing among the stars, 
 FM7             Bm7/5- 
Let me see what spring is like 
    E7         Am7  -   A7 
On Jupiter and Mars; 
    Dm7        G7          Em7  -  A7 
In other words,   hold my hand; 
   Dm7         G7          Bm7/5- E7 
In other words,   darling,  kiss me. 
Am7                 Dm7 
Fill my heart with song, 
           G7             Cm7  -   C7 
And let me sing for ever more; 
FM7           Bm7/5- 
You are all I long for, 
      E7           Am7  -   A7 
All I worship and adore. 
   Dm7         G7     Bb7    Em7/5-  -  A7 
In other words,    please be true; 
    Dm7        G7         C    Cdim   Dm7   G7 
In other words,    I love you. 
(Second time) 
    Dm7         G7         C     Fdim    C 
In other words,    I love you. 
Contribuição: Murilo Duarte Costa Corrêa([email protected]) 


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