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Jubilee Road

Capo en el 6º traste
Intro: F  C  F  C  Am  D    G 
        F  C  F  C  Am  D    G 

       F           C          F                C            Am    D   G 
It's a late Friday night, the street lamps are shining up in my-- bedroom 
          F          C                 F           C                   Am   D     G 
There's a mighty big fight between the thunder and lightning, I wonder who-- will lose 
          E7       Am         F            G 
There's a party balloon and I ain't been invited 
     E7           Am          F             G 
Hey, look at that moon, there ain't nothing like it 
    C   E7   F   D 
All grey and gold 
C       G       F    C    F    C 
Down on Jubilee Road 

        F       C           F           C               Am    D     G 
Can see Mr. Bouvier, in his two-bedroom basement in his purple dungarees 
     F               C            F                C             Am   D     G 
He's grumpy and he's grey, always sweeping off the pavement cigarettes and leaves 
    E7          Am            F            G 
His kid's up in China and his wife's up in heaven 
E7       Am                F          G 
Always I wave, 'cause he's got this expression 
          C  E7  F   D 
That he's so-- alone 
C       G       F    C    F    C 
Down on Jubilee Road 

Am             D                   G                               C 
Oh-- I think tomorrow night I will knock on his door and hear all about his life 
          E7                                  Am                    Bb 
Because I think that's the kind of thing that I might like when I'm old 
When I'm old 

        F               C            F             C                 Am  D     G 
There's Max and there's Maude in the house by the station, call them my-- best friends 
       F             C              F          C                  Am       D        G 
But he drinks like a horse, and she don't appreciate it, all this money he seems to spend 
      E7          Am              F         G 
I can hear them tonight; he can't find no vocation 
        E7              Am            F        G 
And the neighbours they sigh, at that new generation 
     C  E7   Am    D 
Just getting stoned 
C       G       F    C    F   C 
Down on Jubilee Road 

Am                 D                 G                     C 
Oh, I think in the summertime I will call you up make everything alright 
          E7                         Am                    Bb 
And we'll fill up our cups with that bitter wine, and I'll show you 
I'll show you 

    F              C          F                C              Am         D          G 
The mice are still here, your wardrobe's still empty, and the walls are still paper thin 
        F             C            F                C                     Am      D         G 
And the neighbours my dear, well I think they still hate me for all these songs I endlessly sing 
           E7                Am       F                G 
Because it ain't no perfect street, I ain't no perfect lover 
    E7         Am             F               G 
And life it is brief, I don't think we get no other 
C    E7   Am   D 
Come back home 
C       G       Am    D 
Down on Jubilee Road 
C       G       F     C 
Down on Jubilee Road 

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