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Sudbury Saturday Night Acordes

Tom Connors

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Sudbury Saturday Night

The (C)girls are out to Bingo and the (F)boys are gettin' stinko, And we (C)think no more of Inco on a Sudbury Saturday (G7)night. The (C)glasses they will tinkle when our (F)eyes begin to twinkle, And we'll (C)think no more of Inco on a (G7)Sudbury Saturday (C)night.
With Irish Jim O'Connel there and (F)Scotty Jack MacDonald, There's (C)honky Fredrick Hurchell gettin' (G7)tight, but that's alright, There's (C)happy German Fritzy there with (F)Frenchy getting tipsy, And (C)even Joe the Gypsy knows it's (G7)Saturday to(C)night. Now when Mary Ann and Mabel come to (F)join us at the table, And (C)tell us how the Bingo went to(G7)night, we'll look a fright. But (C)if they won the money, we'll be (F)lappin' up the honey, boys, 'Cause (C)everything is funny, for it's (G7)Saturday to(C)night. Chorus, chorus instrumental We'll drink the loot we borrowed and re(F)cuperate tomorrow, 'Cause (C)everything is wonderful to(G7)night, we had a good fight, We (C)ate the Dilly Pickle and we for(F)got about the Nickel, And (C)everybody's tickled, for it's (G7)Saturday to(C)night. The songs that we'll be singing, they might be (F)wrong but they'll be ring= ing, (C)When the lights of town are shining (G7)bright, and we're all tight, We'll (C)get to work on Monday, but to(F)morrow's only Sunday, And we're (C)out to have a fun day for it's (G7)Saturday to(C)night. Yeah=8A= Chorus We'll (F)think no more of (C)Inco on a (G7)Sudbury Saturday (C)night. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Submitted by: Dennis Hiebert [email protected] -----------------------------631445628772--

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