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Manitoba Acordes

Tom Connors

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	  When you (A)mention Manitoba, I'll be (D)mindful of the prairies, 
To the (A)province where the old Red River (E)flows, 
It's the (A)land of shining water, where the (D)beaver and the otter, 
Play to(A)gether where the (E7)Prairie Crocus (A)grows. 
Mani(D)toba, you're my (A)sunshine, My (D)twilight, and re(A)pose, Mani(D)toba, you're my (A)heaven, Be(D)cause it's (A)heaven where the (E7)Prairie Crocus (A)grows.
When you mention Manitoba, I'll be (D)mindful of her beauty, In the (A)evening when the sunset fades a(E)way, And the (A)moon of golden glimmer, on the (D)wheat field seems to shimmer, And the (A)night bird sings the (E7)closing of the (A)day. Chorus When you mention Manitoba, I'll be (D)mindful of the valleys, And the (A)old brown hills calling me a(E)way, Where the (A)favours of our giver, dwell a(D)mong the lakes and rivers, >From the (A)U.S. line to the (E7)shores of Hudson (A)Bay. Chorus ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Submitted by: Dennis Hiebert [email protected] -----------------------------18084659114823--

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