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Keep Off The Grass Acordes

Todd Snider

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Keep Off The Grass

(verse 1) 
G                          D 
It keeps on getting harder to keep on keeping on 
     C                   D            G 
with everybody screaming orders in my ear. 
I want to be my own man.  I'd love to walk it alone. 
         C                      D             G  
But everytime I leave my home, this is what I hear. 
Keep your nose clean, head above water. 
keep your feet on the ground. keep your hands off my daughter. 
Keep your back to the wind.  Keep your thoughts to yourself. 
An eye on the clock.  Keep an eye on your health. 
I wish they'd let me just keep to myself. 
I do fine on my own. 
(verse 2) 
G                                   D 
They say to keep up with the times, keep up with the Jones. 
C                D            G 
Keep up with the rest of your class. 
So I keep an open mind in this close minded world. 
         C                           G 
Keeps on telling me to keep off this grass. 
(chorus x 2) 
(lead break : verse chords) 
     G                         D 
So I keep an open mind.  Its a close minded world. 
       C             D            G C G C G 
Always telling me to keep of this grass.  


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