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I Can Drink Any Woman Pretty Acordes

Todd Snider

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I Can Drink Any Woman Pretty

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(Intro) D D G D D A ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v |---------2-2-------2-2-|-------3-3-------2-2-|--------2-2-----------| |---------3-3-------3-3-|-------0-0-------3-3-|--------3-3---------2-| |---------2-2-------2-2-|-----0-0-0-2h4---2-2-|----2---2-2-----2---2-| |-------0---------0-----|2-4------------0-----|2h4---0-----2h4-----2-| |-0-2-4-------0-2-------|---------------------|------------------0---| |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------------| D |--------2-------|- |--------3-------|- |--------2-------|- |----2-0-------0-|- |2h4-------0-2---|- |----------------|-
(Verse 1) D G She was the worst looking woman to ever grace this county. A D And I's the loneliest man in the whole damn world. G A D G But I had me a fool proof plan, that I'd learned from my old man. D A D Yeah, I knew right soon she'd be my kind of girl. Bmin A Now I admit at first I didn't even want that woman near me. Bmin A Hell, she looked like she'd been beaten up with a rake. G A D Bmin But as I gulped down another round, I said, hey woman hand around. G A D Yer gettin better looking with every drink I take. (Chorus) G A D Cause I can drink any woman pretty. G A D Just give me a bottle and a little time. G A D Bmin She may look like an ugly ole heifer right now, G A D G A D but one more round and that womans gonna look just fine. (Verse 2) D G She was worse than Oprah Winfrey when I first met her. A D She had floppy ears and this big ole busted nose. G A D Bmin And it was kinda hard to ignore that woman's crooked and yellow teeth, G A D and them sloppy ole smelly mismatched dimestore clothes. Bmin A But Johnny Walker spiced up her wardrobe. Bmin A Yeah, and bourbon straightened out that busted nose. G A D Bmin Well a couple of vodka shots, add in a little bit of dental work. G A D G D Next thing you know I'm sitting next to Marylin Monroe, oh no. (Chorus) G A D Bmin She may look like an ugly ole heifer right now, G A D but one more round and that woman's gonna look just fine. ------------------------ After listening to the recording more closely, I think this should be played capoed at the 2nd fret. Making the capoed chords : D = C G = F A = G Bmin = Amin It should be easy to transpose the intro to the capoed position. To me it sounds more accurate capoed.

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