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Good News Blues Acordes

Todd Snider

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Good News Blues

	  E                                                 E 
We-e-e-e-ll, My woman left me and I?m so glad she did 
            A                                         E 
You know my old gal left me and I?m glad she took the kids 
          B                                                E 
Now I got less mouths to feed and more room to sleep in my bed 
I got the good news blues, I?m smiling on a rainy day 
I got the good news blues, I sung all my troubles away 
            B                                  E 
Aint got no aching bones, aint got no bills to pay 
You see these politicians just tell you what they think we want to hear 
You know it?s here one day and then it?s right out that other ear 
              B                                           E 
You know they promise us whiskey and won?t even give us a beer 
Instrumental solos 
Aint got no aching bones, aint got no bills I?m gonna pay 


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