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Alot More

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 Some guys are looking for dimonds  
 some guys just wanna pay there bills  
 some guys are climbing up mountins  
 while others are digging for thrills  
 some guys just wanna win trophies  
 some guys just wanna get girls  
 and some guys swear they won't stop working  
 til they own everything in the world  
           C                       D  
 well good luck at the end of that rainbow.  
        G                          C  
 if you think thats what your here for.  
          G           D  
 but make no mistake about it baby,  
 i want a whole lot more  
 C                        G  
 i want a whole lot more  
 2nd veres:  
 sometimes i see people out here  
 playing every single one of there cards  
 for bigger this or better that,  
 or greener grass around the pools in there yard  
 they work and they slave just so they  
 can save up a whole lot to leave behind  
 yeah some guys are just so certain success  
 is the key to there peice of mind  
          C                    G  
 i want a whole lot more than treasures  
             D                  G  
 that i can store down here on earth  
  C                           G  
 price 'em any way that you want to  
 hey buddy i know what there worth  
2nd chorus:  
 yeah some guys want attention  
 some guys want girls  
 and some dig kickin down doors  
 some guys wil want everything in this whole wid world  
 i want a whole lot more  
 i want a whole lot more  
 Repeat Bridge  
Repeat 2nd Chorus   

DCG are played until the end of the song 


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