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Age Like Wine

{transcription attemp by Ben Wright} 
Capo on 5 
G          C 
Old timer, old timer, 
G          D 
too late to die young now. 
G          C 
Old timer, old five and dimer, 
G                            D 
Trying to find a way to age like wine some how. 
(same chords throughout) 
My new stuff is nothing like my old stuff was, 
And neither one is much when compared to the show, 
Which will not be as good as some other one you saw so tell me again I know I know,  
I'm just an 
Old timer, old timer, 
too late to die young now. 
Old timer, old five and dimer,  
trying to find a way to age like wine some how. 
I've met every fool that's ever signed 
his name upon these walls 
on the backof all these beer joints, 
and concert halls. 
I've been through seven managers, five lables, 
a thousand picks and patched cables, 
three vans, a band, a bunch of guitar stands, 
and cans and cans and cans of beer, 
and bottles of booze and bags of pot, 
and a thousand other things i forgot, 
i thought that i'd be dead by now. 
but i'm not. 

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