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24 Hours A Day Acordes

Todd Snider

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24 Hours A Day

 Skinny young man 
 with born again eyes 
        F                   C 
 and a jesus tattoo on his arm 
 leans on the wall 
 while the trafic goes by 
 the gas mart at Fairveiw and Farm 
 A rap song pounds from an 83 caddy 
           F                        C 
 While he waits on a pay phone to ring 
        F                       C          F 
 been standing around since a quater past nine 
 C             G      C 
 still hasn't heard thing 
 F    G      C 
 24 hours a day 
 F     G      C 
 24 hours a day 
 F                G       C       F 
 sign says were open the man says you pay 
 F    G      C 
 24 hours a day 
 backed up on Farm 
 carhorns are screaming 
 cause some guys suburban is stalled 
 he guesses her daddy 
 must be back home 
 otherwise she'd have called 
 he thinks to himself 
 i guess i can't blame him 
 it wasn't so smart what we did 
 a uniformed cop gets in line with his coffee 
 some woman yells at her kid 
 Repeat Chorus 
 (harmonica solo) 
 carload of drunks 
 pulls up in a hurry 
 for a six pack before it's too late 
 he starts to dial 
 to leave one moe message 
 stops and decides just to wait 
 could have been diffrent 
 and maybe it coudn't 
 with some things it's too late to learn 
 fumes from the gasoline hang in the air 
 world just continues to turn 
 Repeat Chorus 
 The skinny young man 
 with born again eyes 
 and a jesus tattoo on his arm 
 leans on the wall 
 while the traffic goes by 
 a gas mart at farveiw and farm 
 hmmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmmmm 


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