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Weed With Willie Acordes

Toby Keith

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Weed With Willie

	  C                       F            C    
I always heard that his herb was top shelf 
  C                           D         G 
I just could not wait to find out for myself 
      C                                  F           C 
Don't knock it til' you tried it, Well I tried it my friend 
         C                     G      C 
And I'll never smoke weed with Willie again 
I learned a hard lesson in a small Texas town 
He fired up a fat boy and passed him around 
The last words that I spoke before they tucked me in 
Was I'll never smoke weed with Willie again 
     F                     Bb     F          
I'll never smoke weed with Willie again  
   C                  D      G 
My parties all over before it begins 
        C                        F        C 
You can pour me some old whiskey river my friend 
    C                          G      C 
But I'll never smoke weed with Willie again 
I hopped on his old bus, the Honey Suckle Rose 
The party was Vegas it was after the show. 
Alone in the front lounge with just me and him, 
With one parting puff grim creeper set in. 
          D                      G            D 
Now we're passing the guitar and telling good jokes 
  D                        E7           A7   
I know ones a-comin' cause I'm smelling smoke 
     D                      G           D  
No I do not partake, I just let it pass by 
       D                      A7            D 
With a smile on my face and a great contact high 
In the fetal position with drool on my chin 
I messed up and smoked weed with Willie again 


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