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Sweet Acordes

Toby Keith

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(Toby Keith/Chuck Cannon/Scotty Emerick)

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	  Intro: A  G-A (x2) 
D                     Dsus 
She came through the front door lookin'  
D                             A 
Fast as a big train' bookin' down the line 
         G          A 
She was lookin' fine 
D                  Dsus 
Long and lean and dressed to kill 
Stacked up high with perfect wheels 
And there ain't no chance  
                 G              A 
That girl would ever dance with me 
E                 Esus           E 
She got all those city boys out pushin and shovin 
   E              Esus           E 
A country boy like me don't ever get no uptown lovin' 
A (She's) sweet G She's got em meltin' in her hand A Whoever gets a taste of that cup of sugar G Sure is a lucky man A G She's sweet, she's babe-alicious A I can't reach that Georgia peach G A She sure looks delicious
D Dsus I had nothin' else to do D So I threw down two more shots of booze A G A And it made me strong, I strapped my courage on D Dsus D I said would you like to drink by chance A No what I mean is would you like to dance with me G A Please, in my best southernese E Esus E Got hot out on the dance floor when she whispered in my ear E Esus E I think I found me a country-boy let's get outta here
A (I said) sweet G I'm meltin' in her hand A I feel like a spoon in a cup of blonde sugar G You're all lookin' at a lucky man A G I said sweet, she's babe-alicious A That Georgia peach is now in my reach G A And don't she look delicious
Instrumental: E D A (x2) REPEAT CHORUS 2 Chords: A = x02220 D = xx0232 Dsus= xx0233 E = 022100 Esus= 022200 G = 320003

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