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Some Kinda' Good Kinda' Hold On Me Acordes

Toby Keith

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Some Kinda' Good Kinda' Hold On Me

	  1 single strum
AShe gotAsome kinda good kinda hold on me. She's 
Dsomethin kind of fine,something kind of sweet.Wrapped 
Aup in her loves where I wanna be.She got 
DSome kinda good kindaCHoldAon me. yea 
Go into a tythm 
F#I can't get enoughDof my babys huggin' andF#kissin' 
DI never knew a girl who could Ado what shes doin toF#me. 
BbWith just one touch sheEcasts aC#spell. 
C#I'm all tangled up,EI cant't helpC#self. 
repeat 1 with a rythm 
The boys call up and tell me "bout the fun I been missin', 
They wann know why i let her keep me under lock and key. 
But i got what they're lookin for when 
 she gets me behind locked doors. 
repeat 1 


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