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I Can't Take You Anywhere Acordes

Toby Keith

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I Can't Take You Anywhere

              G                   Em   
You've been a part of my life for so very long 
     C                                    D7            
It's hard for me to believe sometimes that you're really gone 
            G                 Em 
I tuck your memory away in my special hiding place 
       C                        D7 
Hoping no one can tell by the look on my face 
            C                            D7 
That you're still in my heart and always on my mind 
    C               D7 
And part of my everyday 
     G                      Em 
Like just last night I went out for a bite 
  C                      D7 
I tried to have fun with all of my might 
             G                  Em 
But even the laughter it wasn't much of a break 
       C                        D7 
'Cause right in the middle of my salad and steak 
      C                    D7 
Bobby Joe walked in with a couple of friends 
          C                                             D7       
And said, "Hey have you heard from her at all man like, Where's she been?" 
And it, struck a nerve 
And it, hit a vein 
You'd think from all the tears I cried 
And this broken-hearted pain 
I wouldn't have to carry you around with me   
       Em                      C 
But it seems like everywhere I go 
    D7                           C 
Somebody wants to know where you been 
        D7                   C 
Are you comin' back again, I swear 
D7               G                Em    C    D7         
I can't take you anywhere 
So I left all alone, just headed back home 
As I listened to the messages on my telephone 
There was one from my sister 
And one from an old friend 
He said, "I drove by your house tonight dude but you wasn't in 
Just checkin' up on you boy, I hope you're doin' alright,  
Oh by the way man, I seen her last night 
   C     D7 
I swear, I can't take you 
C                   D7..  
Just can't take you 
I can't take you anywhere 


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