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Toby Keith

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Get My Drink On

	  I’m Gonna Get My Drink On –Toby Keith 
Intro- D  
D                                           G 
I'm gonna get my drink on, I wanna hear me a sad song. 
A                                          D                        D 
My baby just left home, I didn't treat her right. 
D                                              G 
Right here's where I belong, I'm gonna stay 'till the money's gone. 
A                                                                                    D 
If it takes me all night long, I'm gonna get my drink on. 

1st Verse 
Well I got some little problems and the only way to solve 'em is the 
 sure-fire way I know 
And when the going gets tough, well the tough get going to the little 
 bar down the road 


2nd Verse 
D                                                                                                        A 
There's a cold bar stool for a hot-headed fool, and I'm gonna hop right to it. 
A                                                                                                 D 
Or a seat a table with a jug of black label when a 12-pack wont quite do. 

(Chorus) Lead Break- E G E G A 

3rd Verse 
Well Jo the bartender, she's a mighty good friender and she likes my  
A                                                                                                    D 
When she says "last call for alcohol" that won't apply much to me. 

(Chorus) Outro Lead Break- E G E G A X3-D 

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