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Toby Keith

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Country Comes To Town

Áño: 2008 - Álbum: 35 Biggest Hits [2 CD]

	  intro is questionable as I only hear this on the radio. 
E   D     C G     A 
A                                                  E 
Well the weatherman said it might storm  
G                                      A                            I 
gotta hit the field gotta bail some hay 
A                                       E 
And I can't let it rain on my Daddy's farm 
       G                            A 
Til I get it all stacked up high in the barn 
And I'm gonna call my baby she's been  
waitin' on me 
        G                           A 
She lives downtown on Sycamore street 
And the wheels on the black top a startin'  
to whine 
       G                                       A 
As I pass that Oklahoma City limit sign 
A                             E 
I'm a hayseed and a plow boy 
        D                     A 
I'm a farm kid and a cowboy 
A                         E           
I'm a roughneck Daddy was a roughneck  
A                         E 
I run around with hillbilly girls 
D                                   A 
The weekend sits on my hillbilly world 
You better be ready when the Sun goes  
                    G                        A 
That's when country comes to town 
Ggggg C A 
verse 2: 
A                                         E 
Daddy said child you better leave him be 
          G                                  A 
Well I don't like him and he sure don't like  
A                                           E 
Mamma just says ya'll have a little fun 
Ain't doin' nothin' me and Pappa ain't done 
A                                   E 
Open up the door to my pick-up truck 
             G                            A      
And my baby jumps in and she fires it up 
A                                            E 
And she gives me a kiss as I crawl in 
                   G                              A 
We've been waitin' all week for a weekend 


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