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Close But No Guitar

(D) I'd sing harmony and (G) dixie sang the melody. 
(F#) We'd sing a little off key sometimes. 
(G) But we had some fun (D) Son of a gun, 
(E) Iwonder if i ever (A) cross her mind. 
(D) She ran away with (A) Billy bo bonnie. 
(F#) Was a flat top guitar pickin friend of mine. 
(D) Now im' sittin home (B) countin the stars 
(E) I got close but no (D)guitar. 
(D) I got close but no guitar,she (F#) was a shooting star. 
(B) Who ran off with a guitar picken friend of mine 
(E) Shes really on her way I hear her (A) records ever day. 
(D) I got close but no guitar. 
I still play piano bars,still drive that same old car 
I live in that little shack in Tupelo. 
Dixie is a queen of billboard magazine 
Goin cross the country doin one night shows. 
A man walks up with a dollar in his hand. 
Says let me hear the song by dixie and the guitar man. 
And as the dollar falls to the bottom of my jar. 
I get close but no cigar.

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