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I Got You

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Intro: D A G G 

D              A            G 
  A car's got gasoline to run, down the road 
D              A             G  
 A crop's got rain, dirt and sun, to make 'em grow 
D                   A 
 A song's got rhyme, a clock's got time 
 You got me and baby 

D I got you A G Yea you're it, the missing piece that makes me fit D A G I got you, the breath I breathe, and there ain't nothing else I need D Baby I got you, A G Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I don't need a big ole house, full of stuff What my arms are wrapped around, that's enough Your morning smile, your kiss goodnight And everything's alright (Repeat Chorus) F# Bm When the right goes wrong F# Bm E When I'm scared to death and got nothing left to lean on D I got you A G Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah I do D Baby I got you A G Yeah yeah yeah Yeah you got me to (Repeat Chorus) Yeah baby I got you Yeah yeah yeah yeah Baby I got you Baby I got you

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