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It's alright

Áño: 2001 - Álbum: Come Together

	  Intro: E F#m A B  
E                              F#m 
 You letter said that you were leaving 
A                        B 
 But you didn't know how long 
E                    F#m 
 I will never stop believing 
A                         B 
 That one day you would return 
C#m                        A 
 And though waiting is the hardest 
C#m                   A 
 Part of everything I do 
F#m                        C#m 
 I do confess it's getting better 
F#m                     B 
 Knowing I will be with you 
A It's Alright E It's okay A B C#m I won't worry about tomorrow B A E For it brings me one more day B A Closer than I was to you B E F#m A B Closer than I was to you
E F#m Now the question isn't will you A B What I want to know is when E F#m If it's one day or a million A B I will wait for you 'til then C#m A So I'm holding on to your words C#m A And the promises you've made F#m C#m There is not one you have broken F#m B There's not one I didn't take Chorus Solo You letter said...

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