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Be My Thrill

(The Weepies)

Capo en el 2º traste

 G                Bm 
Be my thrill, my little white pill 
   C                D 
My unpaid bill, the one who will 
 G              Bm 
Be my love, my little grey dove 
    C                     D 
My push and my shove, my heaven above 

          Em               D        C 
  And we tumble down like Jack and Jill 
         Em              D       C 
  And I miss all of the joy you kill 
         Em D      C     D       G 
  But I love you still, be my thrill 

 G             Bm 
Be my one, my day in the sun 
    C                   D 
My little pop gun, the best thing I’ve done 
 G             Bm 
Be my what, my open and shut 
   C                   D 
My everything but, my little hot slut 

                  C       D      G 
Every morning is like the one before 
                 C       D   Em 
Everybody needs someone to adore 
     Bm            C 
I'm counting on you 
            Bm      C 
Oh oh baby say you will 
            D       G 
Oh oh baby be my thrill 

 G               Bm 
Be my youth, my kissing booth 
    C                      D 
My little sweet tooth, my beauty and truth 
 G                Bm 
Be my thrill, my little white pill 
    C                 D 
My wait up until, the one who will 

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