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The Moon Acordes

The Swell Season



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The Moon

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	  Intro: F5 A5 F5 A5 

Verso 1: 
F5                      A5 
Cut the bonds with the moon 
F5                       A5 
And let the dogs gather 
F5                        A5 
Burn the gauze in the spoon 
And suck the poison up 
And bleed 

F5                     A5 
Shut the door to the moon 
F5                       A5 
And let the birds gather 
F5                     A5 
Play no more with the fool 
And let the souls wander 
A5     F5 
And bleed 
From the soul 

Ponte: G5 F5 A5 

E5       D5              C5 
A slow hurt.. and it breaks us.. 
E5       D5 
And so down, 
C5                E5 
Down, down and so plain 
So down 
          C5                 E5 
When you play some more it seems so 
         D5                    C5 
And my friends are past this game 
Of breakdowns 
           D5                      C5 
And our friends that are lost at sea.. 
Throw down 
           D5                    C5 
And I'll break the wasted space 
      E5          D5 
Slow down, slow down, 
        C5          E5           D5 
If you don't slow down, slow down 
                   E5          D5 
If you don't slow down, slow.. 

F5                        A5 
Cut the bonds with the moon 
F5                       A5 
And watch the dogs gather 

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