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Áño: 1987 - Álbum: Louder Than Bombs


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Basically, this is a very simple Smiths song (off of -Louder Than Bombs-) but highly effective. What I will mean by the F# riff is just: F# riff E ----------------------| B ----------------------| G ----------------------| (this is just the F# note being repeated over D ----------------------| and over again, of course) A ----------------------| E -2-2-2--2-2--2-2--2-2-|
Intro: Feedback, F# riff F# riff Smoke lingers ~round your fingers Train, heave on-to Euston B5 E5 F# riff Do you think you~ve made the right decision this time? B5 E5 F# riff Aaahhh, aaahh, aaahhh... F# riff Left your tired family grieving And you think they~re said because you~re leaving B5 E5 F# riff But didn~t you see the Jealousy in the eyes of the ones you left behind B5 E5 F# riff And do you think you~ve made the right decision this time? F# riff You left your girlfriend on the platform With this really ragged notion that you~ll return B5 E5 But she knows that when he goes F# riff He really goes B5 E5 F# riff And do you think you~ve made the right decision this time? The ending riff goes something like this (with minor variations): F#m D5 E5 C#m D5 E5
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E ---5---------------|---9---------------|| B ------7------------|------9------------|| G -6------6--7-7-9-9-|-9------9--7-7-9-9-|| D -----------7-7-9-9-|-----------7-7-9-9-|| A -------------------|-------------------|| E -------------------|-------------------||

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