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Death of a Disco Dancer

Áño: 1987 - Álbum: Strangeways, Here We Come


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The intro bassline (and basically throughout the song) is:
B A G#m G B A G#m E
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G -------------------------------|-------------------------------| D -------------------------5-4---|-------------------------2-0---| A -2----2-0----0---------------5-|-2----2-0----0---------------4-| E ----2------0---4------3--------|----2------0---4--4p2p0--------|
Sometimes the bass changes a bit, but that is the basic bassline. the lyrics are (and the same eight chord progression is constant throughout the entire song): B A G#m G the death of a disco dancer B A G#m E well, it happens a lot round here and if you think peace is a common goal well, that goes to show just how little you know the death of a disco dancer well, i~d rather not get involved i never talk to my neighbour i~d just rather not get involved love, peace and harmony? love, peace and harmony? oh, very nice very nice very nice very nice ...but maybe in the next world

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