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Thank You

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	  Intro ( A, Amaj7, A7, D, D7, A, D7, E) 
Verse(first part): 
        These days it seems as though 
         I've lived a lonely lifetime 
         Because i never had 
         A girl like you to hold me tight 
         And since you came around around and you 
         Showed your world to me 
         I'm begining to think i'll  
         Never be blue again 
Verse(second part): 
       Now that your in my life 
       You are my brightest day 
      A7                                            D 
       Since you came you chased my blues away 
       And you know you're all that i've been 
      A                  D7 
       Waiting on 
       And all the stars i wish upon 
A So thank you B7 Yea for being there because you and me E7 Are gonna be alright A So thank you B7 Yea for loving me long because you and me E7 Are gonna be alright
Verse (there is no second part this time!): A Well any time or day Amaj7 You wreck my bed A7 Since the words you spoke D Go 'round my head D7 And you know you're all that i've been A D7 Waiting for E You're the queen of all my dreams Back to Chorus Bridge: D7 I'm on my knees E7 It's days like these D7 When all I see Is you and me Back to verse one (do the second part also) Back to Chorus Thanks for checking this tab out, this is the first one i've ever done and don't forget to buy the redwalls' new album (De Nova) it is one of the best albums i have ever heard so check it out!

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