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Forever And A Day

Dm  F  C  Dm  

Look at me while I look at you 
Seeing eye to eye we can never do 
You try to tell me what is right 
I may not know a lot but I know one thing 

Dm  F  C  Dm  

If you've got the answer 
Then I don't want to know 
If you've got the answer 
Just keep it your own 

I wonder why our world is ablaze 
Sometimes I speak aloud to hear what people have to say 
I try to have an open mind 
But your brain and mouth must not be connected 

If you've got the answer 
Then I don't want to know 
If you've got the answer 
Just leave me alone 

F  C  Bb  Bb 
C  C  Bb  Bb 

I would be patient but it takes so long 
I don't want all this misinformation 
All the words that you say 
Lean on me while I lean on you 
If we destroy each other 
We might save a life or two 
A little sun, a little shine 
Separates us both by forever and a day 


If you've got a vision 
Then I don't want to see 
If you've got a notion 
Don't waste it on me 

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