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When I Was Young Acordes

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When I Was Young

C          G7                    C 
When I was young and dreams were new, 
          F                    G 
I loved a girl who looked like you. 
          C                 F 
I saw her face in mountains stream. 
  C                  G7             C 
I lingered there and lost myself in dreams. 

C           G7                C 
But we were young and tossed away 
             F              G 
Our precious love along the way. 
          C                          F 
We parted strangers, thoughtless and free 
    C                 G7               C 
And set our hearts to wandering aimlessly. 

F C But looking back, somehow I see G7 C How seldom love has come to me. F C And I confess that now and then G7 C I think of her remembering when
Verse G7 C If I were young and dreams were new, F G I'd love a girl who looked like you. C F I'd hold her close if she'd agree C G7 C To love perhaps a boy who looked like me.

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