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Weathered Acordes

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	  Intro: (This riff plays throughout most of the song.) 
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D D/A G/B e|-------------------------| B|-----3----3----3---3-----| G|-----2----2----0---0-----| D|--0~---------------------| A|-------0~---2~---2---2---| E|-------------------------|
verse 1: D D/A G/B D D/A G/B You were awakened. D D/A G/B D D/A G/B I was never asleep. D D/A G/B I was just drilling some holes in my head that perpetually... D D/A G/B D D/A G/B D D/A G/B bleeeeeeddddddd. D D/A G/B D D/A G/B You fed your senses. D D/A G/B D D/A G/B I made art of myself. D D/A G/B I drew bear claws on my chest and third eyes on my head looking... D D/A G/B D D/A G/B D D/A G/B doooooooooooown.
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Bridge 1: Cadd9 G6/B e|--0-----0-----0-----0------|--0-----0-----0-----0------| B|----3-----3-----3-----3----|----3-----3-----3-----3----| G|------0-----0-----0-----0--|------0-----0-----0-----0--| D|---------------------------|---------------------------| A|--3-----3-----3-----3------|--2-----2-----2-----2------| E|---------------------------|---------------------------| G6 A7sus4 e|--0-----0-----0-----0------|--0-----0-----0-----0------| B|----3-----3-----3-----3----|----3-----3-----3-----3----| G|------0-----0-----0-----0--|------0-----0-----0-----0--| D|---------------------------|---------------------------| A|---------------------------|--0-----0-----0-----0------| E|--3-----3-----3-----3------|---------------------------|
Cadd9 G6/B It was live, it was all live ammunition in the gun. G6 A7sus4 And I meant it, every bullet, and I hope they all stung, Cadd9 'Cause that's what I deal with every time G6/B I lift up the back of my shirt and I show you what G6 you drew that night with a Swiss Army Knife saying A7sus4 D it was only maps of constellations. Solo: Play intro riff. D D/A G/B :4x verse 2: D D/A G/B D D/A G/B Your hands were shaking. D D/A G/B D D/A G/B Mine were stiff as stones. D D/A G/B They said grab a hold. We said fuck off we'll find our way D D/A G/B D D/A G/B D D/A G/B hoooooooome. D D/A G/B D D/A G/B My blood was burning. D D/A G/B D D/A G/B Yours was spilling out. D D/A G/B We said we'd fly to the ends of the earth just to find D D/A G/B ourselves. Ooohhh. Bridge 2: Play bridge riff. Cadd9 G6/B G6 A7sus4 Cadd9 And your heart, it was not there G6/B when I needed it the most. G6 I was floating. It was grounded, A7sus4 getting buried too deep to stay close. Cadd9 And I swore I'd dig it up someday, G6/B build a fire just to keep it warm. G6 Then we'll get off the ground and drink rain from the clouds A7sus4 D and go dance out in the storm. verse 3: D D/A G/B :3x D D/A G/B Ooooohhhhhhhhh D D/A G/B Because birds we fly together. D D/A G/B I feel tethered, de-feathered, and weathered. D D/A G/B A push at its best would get me out my nest D D/A G/B then I'll never come home. D D/A G/B It was love. It was true love, D D/A G/B not that shit sold from Hallmark, Hol-lywood, or Wal-Mart. D D/A G/B Losing twelve years worth of soul mates, D D/A G/B D D/A G/B and it's harder and realer than anything I've ever felt. Outro: Play intro riff D D/A G/B :3x (whistling) END

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