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Welfare Line

(Paul Kennerley)


Well now, boys I've been to Bethlehem  
Rode there on a big steam train  
Lost two fingers in the steel wheels  
                  A    D  
And I ain't goin' back again.  
I fought for my country  
Lord knows I did my best  
Crawlin' cross some foreign field  
              A            D  
They pinned a ribbon to my chest.  
G So pass around the bottle boys D Let's talk about old times Night's rollin' in, it's cold as sin A D Here on the Welfare Line.
D Served on a Georgia road gang G Couldn't pay the debts I owed D Cause I ain't made of silver A D And I ain't ever seen no gold. D I still remember Rachel G Soft as a velvet gown D They laid her in a pauper's grave A D On the other side of town. Chorus D G D A D D Now some folks are born to money G You know I wish 'em well D If the Devil should ever want my soul A D I swear I'd never sell. Chorus

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