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Don't Blame Me

	  Don't Blame Me:Everly Brothers. 
#20 in UK and #20 in USA in '61. 

F     Eb    D   D7  Gm7        C7        FM7  
Don't blame me, for falling in love with you.  
F6  Gm7        C7         Cm7       D7/5+ D7  
I'm under your spell, but how can I help it..  
Gm7   C7/5+  F  
Don't blame me.  
F     Eb  D    D7   Gm7        C7         FM7  
Can't you see, when you do the things you do.  
F6   Gm7      C7        Cm7         D7/5+    D7  
If I can't conceal, the thrill that I'm feeling,  
Gm7   C7/5+  F  
Don't blame me.  
Bb                       A7            Dm  
I can't help it, if that doggone moon above.. 
G7                          Gm7 Bbm7 C7   
makes me want, someone like you to   love. 

F     Eb   D     D7 Gm7        C7       FM7  
Blame your kiss, as sweet as a kiss can be.  
F6  Gm7            C7           Cm7        D7/5+                
and blame all your charms, that melt in my arms..  
D7  Gm7   C7/5+  F  
but don't blame me.  


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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