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Riders On The Storm

Áño: 1971 - Álbum: The Very Best of the Doors

Em	                         A   Em  
Riders on the storm  
Em	                         A   Em  
Riders on the storrm  
Am                                Bm   C  D 
Into this house we're born  
Em	                                     A   Em  
Into this world we're thrown  
Like a dog without a bone  
An actor out on loan  
Em                    Em6   Em7  Em6  
Riders on the storm  
Em	                                         A   Em  
There's a killer on the road  
Em	                                                   A   Em  
His brain is squirmin' like a toad  
Am                 Bm    C   D 
Take a long holiday  
Em	                               A   Em  
Let your children play  
If ya give this man a ride  
Sweet memory will die  
Em	                         A   Em  
Killer on the road, yeah  
Em	                                          A   Em  
Girl ya gotta love your man  
Em	                                                A   Em   
Girl ya gotta love your man  
Am                         Bm    C  D 
Take him by the hand  
Em	                                    A   Em  
Make him understand  
The world on you depends  
Our life will never end  
Em	                                 A   Em  
Gotta love your man, yeah  
play very it very slow and cool.  


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