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Wendy Time

Áño: 1992 - Álbum: Wish

You l  Dm  ook like you could do with a fr  Em  iend she said 
 You l  F  ook like you could use a ha  Am  nd 
 Someone to make you smile she said 
 Someone who can understand 
Share your trouble, comfort you 
 Hold you close and I can do all of these 
 I think you need me here with you 
 You look like you do with a sister she said 
 You look like you need a girl to call your own... 
 Like fabulous! fabulous! Call me fabulous! 
 And rubbing her hands so slow 
 You stare at me all strange, she said, are you hungry for more? 
 I've had enough I said, please leave me alone, please go 
 I  G  t doesn't touch me at a  E  ll, i  Dm  t doesn't touch me at a F  ll 
You know that you could do with a friend she said 
 You know that you could use a word 
 Like feel or follow or fuck she said 
And laughing away as she turned 
 You've everything but no-one like the last man on earth 
And when I die, I said, I'll leave you it all 
 Door closes leaves me cold 
 It doesn't touch me at all, it doesn't touch me at all 
Contribuição: Alexandre Nogueira Nascimento([email protected]) 


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