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INTRO: -10-10-10--9------------------------------------------------- --0--0--0--0--10--8--8-10--8--8------------------------------ ---------------0--0--0--0--0--0--11-11-11--9----------------- ----------------------------------0--0--0--0--11--9--9-11---- -----------------------------------------------0--0--0--0---- ------------------------------------------------------------- -10-10-10--9------------------------------------------------- --0--0--0--0--10--8--8-10--8--8------------------------------ ---------------0--0--0--0--0--0--11-12-14-14----------------- ----------------------------------0--0--0--0--11--9--9-11---- -----------------------------------------------0--0--0--0---- -------------------------------------------------------------
Bm Bmsus2 G9 G D Dsus2 A Asus2 1 2 3&4 & 1 2 3&4& 1 2 3&4 & 1 2 3& 4 & G G2/F# Em Go go go D Push him away G G2/F# Em No no no D Don't let him stay A He gets inside to stare at her A The sleeping mouth, the mouth that knows G G2/F# Em The se-cret you G G2/F# Em Always you A A smile to hide the fear away A Oh smear this man across the walls G Like strawberries and cream Em Its the only way, Em D It's the only way to be G Exactly the same clean room Em Exactly the same clean bed G But I've stayed away too long this time Em And I've got too big to fit this time... {repeat intro} _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Alexandre Nogueira Nascimento([email protected])

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