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How Beautiful You Are Acordes

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How Beautiful You Are

Áño: 1987 - Álbum: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

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The intro bass riff is: G|-0-|-2--2--2--2-4-|-4------------|--------------|-------------0-| D|---|--------------|----2--2--0-2-|--------------|-2--0--2-0-2---| A|---|--------------|--------------|-0--0--0--0-0-|---------------| E|---|--------------|--------------|--------------|---------------|
The chords are: Intro: Am D C D (4x) Am D You want to know why I hate you? C D Well I~ll try and explain... You remember that day in Paris When we wandered through the rain And promised to each other That we~d always think the same And dreamed that dream to be two souls as one And stopped just as the sun set And waited for the night Outside a glittering building Of glittering glass and burning light... And in the road before us stood a weary greyish man Who held a child upon his back A small boy by the hand The three of them were dressed in rags and thinner than air And all six eyes stared fixedly on you Bm A The father~s eyes said beautiful Bm A How beautiful you are Bm A The boy~s eyes said how beautiful Bm She shimmers like a star Am Em The child~s eyes uttered nothing F But mute and utter joy Am Em And filled my heart with shame for us F For the way we are Am Em F (The way we are) D Am D Am D Am F F I turned to look at you To read my thoughts upon your face And gazed so deep into your eyes So beautiful and strange Until you spoke and showed me understanding is a dream -I hate these people staring, make them go away from me- The father~s eyes said beautiful How beautiful you are The boy~s eyes said how beautiful She shimmers like a star The child~s eyes uttered nothing But pride and utter joy And stilled my heart with sadness For the way we are D Am And this is why I hate you D Am And how I understand D Am F That no-one ever knows or loves another Am Or loves another _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Alexandre Nogueira Nascimento([email protected])

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