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The Cranberries

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Whats On My Mind

Áño: 1999 - Álbum: Bury The Hatchet [Explicit Cover]

	  You must put a capo on third fret to play this song 
Intro  : G/Dm 
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Note : all the Dm are played with a variation : e--1-1-0-1--------- b--3-3-3-3--------- g--2-2-2-2--------- d--0-0-0-0--------- a--x-x-x-x---------- E--x-x-x-x----------
Verse : G/Dm (Same as intro) Note: Before the chorus there's a little riff : g?9h10-9----------------9h10-9--------------------------- d------------12----9-----------------12-----9---------------- chorus : Am/C????? x3 Note:At the end of the chorus there?s a little solo : g?9h10-9-------------------------------------------------------------- d--------------12----10--9--10--12--14-------------------------------- If you have any comments? [email protected]

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