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Lady Jane

(Mick Jagger and Keith Richards)

Tono:  D Más
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Introdução: D 

My sweet lady Jane 
                          G     D 
When I see you again 
Your servant am I 
                        G D 
And will humply remain 
E7/G#                Am 
Just     heed this plea, my love  
E/F#                      G            C 
On    bended kness, my love 
                  Am                   D 
I pledge my self to lady Jane 
My dear lady Anne 
                        G   D 
I done what I can 
I must take my leave 
                       G   D 
For promised I am 
E7/G#            Am              
This     play is run my love 
D/F#               G                  C 
Your time has come my truth 
                         Am                    D 
I  pledged my troth to lady Jane 
Oh my sweet Marie 
                   G D 
I wait at you ease 
The sands have run out 
                         G D 
For your lady and me 
E7/G#          Am 
Wedlock is night my love 
D/F#            G                C 
Her station right my love 
Life is secure with lady Jane 

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