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Time To Get Alone

(Brian Wilson)

I looked at you baby 
And what did I see? 
I saw love in your eyes 
         A		A7 
Made me feel so warm inside 
Now look at me baby 
And what do you see? 
You see love in my eyes 
Gleaming just for you 
And now we know it's 

D A/C# Time to get alone Bm To get alone Bm/A G And just be together Dm7 G We'll only be together D A/C# Come and do a couple days Bm Just a ways Bm/A G Away from the people Dm7 G And safe from the people
D The pine-scented air G Smells so good in the snow Em In our toboggan we'll go A A7 Screaming down the mountainside D The touch of your cheeks G When they're rosy and cold Em Feels so cozy to hold A Just to take you close A7 And make you warm and Chorus C Gm7 C Lyin' down on our backs F Lookin' at the sky C Gm7 C Looking down through the valley so F Deep and wide Am7 Dm7 Aren't you glad we finally got away Am7 Dm7 Glad we finally got away Am7 Dm7 Aren't you glad we finally got away D Now I looked around baby G And what do I see Em I see love in your eyes A And I'm so glad that we A7 Finally had some Chorus

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