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Slip On Through


  Em                     Asus2 
  Lots of people with no place to go 
  Em                   Asus2  
  I know a place where you can go 
  Em                             Asus2 
  You've got the ticket, come on,slip inside 
      Em                   Asus2 
  And let my song take you for a ride 

D G Come on! won't you let me be, D G by your side for now and eternity? Em G A 'Cos I love you, Baby I do,and now D G can you see what has come over me? D G oh my life is growin' like a big oak tree Em G A D 'Cos I love you, baby I do,an' now can you see?
Why don't you let me come and kiss and make it better? I'm not the one who came and left it later now you relax and let your mind go free you won't regret the feeling you receive Chorus X1, then Bridge: G/D D My love is growin' (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh) G/D D Your heart is knowin (ahhh) G/D Our love is growin', mama! Chorus

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