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Gimme A Ride To Heaven, Boy Acordes

Terry Allen


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Gimme A Ride To Heaven, Boy

Capo en el 2º traste
G                                       C          G  
Well I was caught up with myself on the highway at night 
G                                     A7              D 
Drivin like a bat outta hell when I beheld an amazing sight 
         G                        C                 G 
It was a lonely apparition by the roadside standing there 
         G                                 D           G 
With his thumb out in the wilderness and a halo in his hair 

G He said "Gimme a ride to heaven boy C G I'll show you paradise G Yeah gimme a ride to heaven boy D G My name is Jesus Christ"
So I come screeching to a haltm, I said "Hop on in" He sais "thanks a lot for the lift, I forgive you of your sins Yeah I just come from Jerusalem where things are going bad Ahhh gimme a ride to heaven boy, I need to talk to my dad" Chorus Well I didn't know what to do so I jammed her down in gear Kind a kicked my feet beneath the seat I was trying to hide the beer Ahhh but he just grinned and said "My friend, I know you must think it's odd But you got nothin to fear about drinkin a beer if you share it with the son of God" Chorus Well I saw good news in his baby blues so I stomped it on the floor I said you have to show me how to get there I ain't been before "Well it?s a hard place to find" he said "But I'll give you a little clue It ain't somewhere up in the air, its sittin right here inside with you" Then right in the middle of that perfect smile from his robes he pulled a gun An stuck it up beside my head and said "How's this for Kingdom Come?" Well I pulled off scared but I heard him say as he left me beneath the stars "The Lord moves in mysterious ways and tonight, my son ... He?s gonna use your car" Chorus

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