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Stranger Things

	  C          G 
Turn around 
                 F  Am  G 
Look at what you seeeee 
C          G 
In her face 
                   F  Am  G 
The mirror of your dreeeams 

Eb                         Eb6 
Make believe I'm everywhere 
Ab           Bb 
Given in the light 
Eb             Cm 
Written on the pages 
       Ab          Bb           C     G 
Is the answer to a never ending storyyy 
F  Am  G Intro 
C           G 
Reach the stars 
         F  Am  G 
Fly a fantasyyyyyy 
C           G 
Dream a dream 
                     F  Am  G 
And what you see will be 
Eb                         Eb6 
Rhymes that keep their secrets 
Ab                         Bb 
Will unfold behind the clouds 
Eb                  Cm 
And there upon a rainbow 
       Ab           Bb          C    G 
Is the answer to a never ending storyyyyy 
Ab  Cm  Bb 
Aaah aah aah 
Eb  Bb 
Ab  Cm  Bb 

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