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Your Any Thing Acordes

Taylor Swift

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Your Any Thing

D Dsus2 Em G D A 

Verse 1 
              D                                Em 
Bet you lie awake at night, trying to make up your sweet mind 
                     G                     D      A 
Wondering if you'll ever find just what you want 
              D                       Em 
A home-town number one or a cowboy and loaded gun 
                     G                                D 
But you know you'll make it one, well that's what you thought 
Here's what you got: 


G               D                              Am 
 I could be your favorite blue jeans with the holes in the knees 
In the bottom of the top drawer. 
G                      D                       Am 
 I could be your little beauty queen, just a little out of reach, 
Or the girl living next door. 
G     D        Am          C  
 I'll be your angel giving up her wings. 
    G               D              Am           C 
If that's what you need, I'd give everything to be your anything. 

G       D       Am        C      (x2) 
                         Be your anything (on the first time only) 

Verse 2 
              D                      A 
If you want hard to get, if you want ... (giggles) 
         Em                    D 
All you have to do is let me know. 
               D                              Em 
If you want a bumpy ride, or someone with a softer side 
              G                        D 
Either one'll be alright, just let me know. 
Is this where we go? 



Am              C                  G       D 
 It's not like I'm giving up who I am for you 
           Am                            C 
But with someone like you, it's just so easy to do. 

Chorus (x2) 

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