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This Is Really Happening Acordes

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This Is Really Happening

Capo en el 3er traste

G                     Cadd9                     Em7                   Cadd9 
Beneath the chandiler of stars and atmosphere tangled like the roots on the  
        G                 Cadd9                     Em7                  
ground. The windows open the wind is blowing and were both not making a  
Cadd9  Cadd9       G/B          D         caddp      G/B        D 
sound. It's like i'm melting on into you give me one reason why we should 

ever move 
G                       Cadd9            Em7                  D    
Tell me you'll never leave me that i'm not crazy and this is really  
           Cadd9                D 
happening. That this is really happening. 

(Repeat the same pattern) 

could this be bitter you write me letttes though you see me everyday. You tend to  
treat me like my name is up in lights it really blows me away. Lock me up in a  
dark room and I still can't take my eyes off of you. 

Cadd9                G/B          D      Cadd9          G/B  
For all those kisses up against your car for all those wishes on planes 
             D         Cadd9        G/B       D   Cadd9       D 
we thought were stars memories like photographs oh baby here we are! 

End on:  G 

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