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Capo en el 2º traste

D Cadd9 G x2 

D              Cadd9 
I shined your shoes 
I poured the wine 
(G)                       D Cadd9 G 
I gave you all of my time 

D               Cadd9 
I patched your fake smile 
Against your friends 
(G)                         D Cadd9 G 
Which apparently is a crime 

D           Cadd9 
I gave you space 
You took my place 
(G)                D Cadd9 G 
And gave it to her 

D               Cadd9 
But life's too long 
             G                D Cadd9 G 
To waste it all loving a liar 

And when love hands me matches now 
                       D Cadd9 G 
I'm gonna burn it down 

D            Cadd9 
I keyed her car 
Got my guitar 
(G)                      D Cadd9 G 
And wrote this damn song 

D                 Cadd9 
Look what you've found 
She's been around 
(G)                   D Cadd9 G 
I hear the lines long 

D              Cadd9 
And don't you tell me 
To be nice 
(G)                 D Cadd9 G 
I'm not a nice girl 

D                 Cadd9 
She died from complications 
G                         D Cadd9 G 
Of the things you told her 

So when love hands me matches now 
                       D Cadd9 G 
I'm gonna burn it down 

Em7 G Em7 G A 

D          Cadd9 
Ain't it funny 
You said honey 
                       D Cadd9 G 
You meant sitting duck 
     D               Cadd9           G 
Well i say cheater, liar, truck on fire,  
loser, leaver, deceiver 
                           D Cadd9 G 
Just a few I've thought of  

And when love hands me matches now 
                   D Cadd9 G 
'Gonna burn it down 
(G)                D Cadd9 G 
I'm gonna burn it down 
Oh yeah 
        D               Cadd9       G 
Gonna burn it, burn it, burn it down 
Matches, now 

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