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American Girl

	  E                     C#m F#  
Well she was an American girl  
A               B  
    Raised on promises 
E                    F#  
  She couldnt help thinkin that there  
Was a little more to life  
Somewhere else  
After all it was a great big world  
A                         F#m  
     With lots of places to run to  
and if she had to die  
Tryin she had one little promise  
B                   A  
She was gonna keep  

B E Oh yeah, all right C#m Take it easy baby E Make it last all night B E She was an American girl
Verso 2: E F# It was kind of cold that night A B She stood alone on her balcony E F# She could the cars roll by Am Out on 441 B Like waves crashin in the beach D# E And for one desperate moment there A F#m He crept back in her memory B God its so painful Something thats so close And still so far out of reach
A B E Oh yeah, all right C#m Take it easy baby Make it last all night A B E She was an American girl
( A B E ) (refrão)

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